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FarEye: Desktop CCTV

Having used the fantastic screensaver application SurveillanceSaver[1] in the past, I wanted a similar program that would run on Vista and Windows 7. I wasn't too fussed about the screensaver aspect of it, because i'm a nosey parker. I just wanted to get straight on with viewing what is happening on the web cams around the world.

IP Camera Viewer

Click here to download the app and get started.

The application can be used to view many kinds of IP and web enabled cameras. Adding a camera isn't a feature yet, but there are plenty of inbuilt ones to play with. Send me a link to your favourite cameras and if I can get them working, i'll add them to the list. I found these cameras with a web search, that i'll go into in a minute. I have absolutely no idea where some of them are, so feel free to drop me message if you find out where they are.

Further reading

Of course, there are many thousands (or millions?) of webcams on the web. For those who want to explore a bit further then you can put Google Maps into webcam view to find some in a specific area, or just search Google for IP webcams.

[1] Also of interest, is the excellent windows and macintosh screen saver  called SurveillanceSaver. With any luck, your visit to their site will encourage them to continue working on it.