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GPS Training tool

My main hobby is cycling. I like to keep fit and explore the countryside, so I regularly set off on my bike when I have spare time. From a fitness point of view, I was interested in keeping track of the routes I take, how long it takes me to ride them and also how hilly the routes are in comparison with each other. So, I've recently acquired a GPS device (in my G1 android mobile phone) and this can log my latitude, longitude and elevation as I ride around using an application called RideTrac [1]. Once i've finished riding I can download a list of these points as a GPX or Google Earth KML data file, so it was just a matter of getting an application which I can store this data in for analysis. I researched existing applications and there seem to be a few out there to do this analysis but none seemed to do everything I needed in the one application, or in a simple fashion. I had previously seen the Google Maps and Visualisation services [2] and so from this I started to formulate a way of uploading the GPX data and displaying it online. The up-shot of all this was that, after a few hours of sketching and typing, I came up with a web-based application. The application allows upload and management of the GPS data, with visualisations of the route on a map and as a profile to display the altitude.

Try it out!

Follow the link below to try out the training tracker. You will be asked to log in so you can either use the following details, or contact me at tt@mr-bidwell.com for a more complete test account which will allow you to upload and delete GPS data.

Click here to try out the software. Use the following details to gain access.

Username: demo

Password: demo

Acknowledgements, references and notes:

[1] RideTrac - Android GPS application http://hubrisware.com/category/ridetrac/

[2] Google AJAX APIs http://code.google.com/apis/ajax/